These are our 2018 Australian Badge Buide releases to date:

These are our 2018 releases to date:  2018 AUSTRALIAN RADIO, TV, NEWSPAPERS & CINEMA BADGES by Australian Badge Guides [3rd Edition | 127 pages | 655 references | 21 badge makers | 391 full-colour badge images] 2018 Guide to Fundraising Buttons, Badges and Pins: Australian Comforts Fund by Australian Badge Guides [6th edition | 88 pages in length, with 431 references, and some 379 images]  2018 Australian Red Cross – Australian Badge Guide by Australian Badge Guides [6th edition | 996 full-colour images, 627 references, 20 badge makers and 206 pages of information] 2018 WAR MEMORIAL badges/buttons by AUSTRALIAN TOWNS: Australian Badge Guides by Australian Badge Guides [2nd edition | 104 pages in length, with 486 references about 94 Australian towns known to have issued war memorial buttons, with some 211 full-colour images of buttons, badges and pins]  2018 Australia Day: Australian Badge Guide [7th edition, 119 pages in length, includes 448 references, information about 10 different makers and some 604 full-colour badge images. Also included is a 10 page collector’s lift-out for when you, a friend or a loved one are travelling to a swap meet, auction etc., ]  2018 AUSTRALIAN BADGES BOOK: South Australia’s World War One Badges by Australian Badge Guides [312 pages; 1390 references; 791 colour badges; 253 towns etc. This is the 4th edition] 2018 Legacy: Australian Badge Guide [6th edition | 79 pages in length, with 232 references, and some 505 full-colour images (front and backs of badges and pins are included) and 10 badge makers] 2018 Anzac Day: Australian Badge Guide [7th edition | 661 badge images]

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