2017 Salvation Army – Australian Badge Guides

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The NEW 2017 Australian Badge Guide – Salvation Army (Australia) Buttons & Badges is the third edition of this guide and spans 61 A4 pages and includes 244 FULL-COLOUR badge images; and some 271 references. In addition, information about the 9 different badge makers (so far identified is also included). In addition, a new section has been included about badges referenced in the Australian Press, but which have not been seen.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: 30 Apr 15 update: $23.75 AUD international Regd post to UK, USA, Canada & New Zealand (up to two guides can be sent for this price, dependent on size/weight) which is quite cheap when one considers the rising exchange rate in your favour. There is also a non-guaranteed overseas post option of $10 AUD.

Guides CANNOT be sent to you electronically for copyright reasons. Guides CANNOT be returned once read and there is a no refund policy should you not like the Guides I have written. PAYPAL only will be accepted. I trust you like the Guides and I believe these Guides will in time fill a niche in the market as Guides exist for coins, stamps, high-worth/high quality medals and medallions, but not for fundraising buttons, badges and pins. This is not right – not historically, not commercially as the price of badges is no longer the poor cousin. These Guides are the first step to setting the record straight. It is an enormous task, largely because the records, such as they are, are so scattered, so diverse. That is why The Guides will be released in instalments. It also has a section which facilitates the involvement of a community of interested people to assist where they can in the further development of the Guide and its subsequent instalments and editions.

If you buy more than one Guide, we have a bulk satchel rate of $16.90 postage (and you can obtain up to 10 Guides, depending on weight) while effectively saving 80% in postage.

Buyers please note: The prices in The Guide are that – a guide only – and are based on my own experience of tracking the online market, swap meets, trash and treasures, auctions, and the like, since 2008. Obviously prices vary across such markets, and could reasonably be expected to vary again at shops and auctions operated by professional dealers who also have to factor in ancillary costs such as rent, Government taxes and employment costs. Nonetheless, over time, I expect the prices cited in the Guide to evolve and become more robust, particularly as readers advise me of their own experiences, and advertisers and dealers also look to participate in The Guide. Check us out on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/MARKIVIST and join the developing community of enthusiasts to discuss all things badges.

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