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Often the information about Australia’s fundraising buttons, badges and pins is scant to non-existent, or worse incorrect.

Badge collectors – whether they are sellers or buyers – as well as those people who are just interested in Australia’s rich social and cultural history, all deserve better. A lot better.

Knowledge is power and I genuinely believe that Australia’s fundraising buttons, badges and pins are extremely interesting historical artefacts which are currently undervalued and under-appreciated. That’s where Australian Badge Guides can help – setting the record straight and collecting – in one place – badges for charitable causes such as fundraising during World War One, Anzac Day, Legacy, the Australian Comforts Fund (during both World Wars) and the Australian Red Cross to name but a few.

Many of our Australian Badge Guides are now into their 5th and 6th editions, and we do our best to update them annually; however, there are some 22, and therefore some of our 2015 and 2016 editions are the most recent versions. They are available for purchase (hardcopy form) from eBay Australia; and in electronic from this our website and @ https://payhip.com/ABG as well as our Facebook page shop @ facebook.com/MARKIVIST